Frequently Asked Questions

Does ArgosAI solutions comply with aviation standards and criteria?

ArgosAI FOD detection solutions are designed in accordance with FAA AC 150/5220-24, EUROCAE ED-235 and related ICAO requirements published in this field and meet all requirements. Our other airside solutions also meet ICAO, EASA and FAA standards.

Does ArgosAI solutions require a tower? If so, how is the standard set?

ArgosAI solutions serve airport runways, taxiways and aprons. Systems located on runways and taxiways require a tower.

What are the infrastructure needs of ArgosAI systems?

ArgosAI solutions have two core components that are related with the infrastructure topic. These components constitute the energy and fiber optic infrastructure needs. Fiber optic infrastructure is the most reliable infrastructure model for 24/7 continuous operation.

Can ArgosAI solutions also work with wireless communication technology?

Yes, ArgosAI solutions can work with wireless technology if required.

What are the performance and detection rates of ArgosAI solutions?

FAA and Eurocae advisory documents have been published specifically for FOD detection systems.ArgosAI solutions overperform the criteria set in these documents.

What is the false alarm rate of ArgosAI solutions?

Unlike hardware-based systems with radar, ArgosAI solutions are “State of the Art” based solutions. Our systems can transfer the new learnings they gain to our surveillance points installed all over the world. In this way, it generates 1/20 less false alarms than radar-based systems. In addition, minimal false alarms can be easily controlled and corrected by the operator, thanks to the advanced facilities and analysis capabilities offered by the system.

Does ArgosAI solutions suffer any loss in night-time performance?

No, thanks to the unique NIR Illuminator hardware we are using, ArgosAI solutions can work at night without any change, achieving the performance of daytime conditions.

How is the post-installation service and maintenance process of ArgosAI systems carried out?

All elements that make up ArgosAI systems have been produced to the highest standards and have been tested for many years. In this way, the failure/error rates are at the minimum level during the determined working times. ArgosAI responds to the needs and demands of the airports during the contract period, according to the service-maintenance agreements made after the installation and the demands of the airport.

What are the other solutions besides the ArgosAI FOD detection system?

ArgosAI aims to eliminate all security handicaps that arise due to physical and environmental conditions in the airside region with continuous surveillance and inspection, and instantaneous anomaly detection solutions.

How many systems and sites did you already install?

ArgosAI has installed systems at 4 airports in the world. Our solutions are used in London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airports, as well as Istanbul Airport and Alanya Gazipaşa Airports.