A tailored remote monitoring and inspection solution.

A-CAM® is a flexibly configurable state-of-the-art remote sensing and inspection system. It brings onsite visual inspections and controls into mobile devices or control rooms. It also allows both millimeter and wide level continuous control over airside surfaces.

Capacity and efficiency

Less interrupted air traffic, less workload and operational complexity.

Automated inspection

Unlock the potential of AI based high performance continuous inspection and detection.

Remote and controlled

Define, assign, conduct and review visual inspections remotely.


A-PASS is the next-generation Preventive Airside Supervisory System, comprised of every ArgosAI modules and software, providing maximum safety and efficiency in airside operations management. Combining other ArgosAI products together, A-PASS enables the airports to achieve operational results beyond the current limits of technology and human-driven decision making.

Being completely data-driven, the underlying stack of technologies enhances airports and airside operational management to a point which is not achievable because of recurring costs, foreseeable human errors and complete overhaul of operational complexities.

In a nutshell; it is the future of the airside operational management. Yet, it is here today.

What makes A-CAM superior?

• Remote visual checks
• 24/7 continuous surveillance
• Efficient operations
• Less airplane traffic interruptions
• Decreased operational complexity


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