An automated remote FOD detection system.Powered by unique artificial intelligence.

A-FOD® is an artificial intelligence based Foreign Object Debris detection system. It works continuously in real time and detects even the smallest undesired objects on the surfaces.

Enhance runway safety

Increase Runway/Taxiway/Apron Safety with 24/7 superior FOD detection performance

Almost zero false alarms

Do not interrupt airplane traffic for false alarms.

Risk assessment

Decide when to take action. Precise location, size, high resolution image and live video of the FOD.

Why A-FOD?

FODs remain to be a major safety problem in airports since they generate damages and breakdowns in planes and cause incidents. Also they cause huge airplane maintenance costs, flight delays and cancellations.

Airports put enormous effort into fighting against FODs. But finding a 3cm² FOD on thousands of square meters is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Though they can occur anytime, anywhere. Capabilities of AI perfectly match to solve this problem.

A-FOD’s AI algorithms tirelessly and rapidly analyses the images collected by A-CAM and instantaneously detects the FODs as soon as they occur. They are continuously trained by state-of-the-art deep machine learning techniques and achieve the industry’s highest accuracy rates of alarm.

Thanks to its learning capacity, A-FOD can also work on complex areas like stands or aprons by recognizing the people, ground vehicles, aircrafts, etc.

What makes A-FOD superior?

• Mobile app for FOD alarms
• Access anywhere, any device
• No electromagnetic interference
• Auto-report creation and storing
• Easy to maintain


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