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AI specific to youMake the most of AI technology

An all-in-one airside safety tool with unique AI modules that we develop and customize to match your exact requirements.

Enhance safety and efficiency

Increase airside safety with 24/7 superior AI performance


Precisely engineered for you. You set your requirements and we develop.

Plug and play

Make more benefits of your existing cameras and other sensors


A-PASS is the next-generation Preventive Airside Supervisory System, comprised of every ArgosAI modules and software, providing maximum safety and efficiency in airside operations management. Combining other ArgosAI products, A-PASS enables the airports to achieve operational results beyond the current limits of technology and human-driven decision-making.

Being completely data-driven, the underlying stack of technologies enhances airports and airside operational management to a point that is not achievable because of recurring costs, foreseeable human errors, and a complete overhaul of operational complexities.

In a nutshell; it is the future of the airside operational management. Yet, it is here today.

What makes A-PASS superior?

• Broken AGLs
• Bird and wildlife
• Accumulation anomalies
• Turnaround operations
• Touchdown and takeoff times



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