Remote and automated airside inspections.Safe. Efficient. Built with AI.

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Advantages of our AI platform

Early prevention

Continuous surveillance and instantaneous alerting of anomalies: FODs, broken lights and accumulation zones.

24/7 awareness

Complete and remote control over the airside surfaces.

Better capacity utilization

Less presence on the runways via remote AI and human based inspections.

Superior performance

State of the art and future proof of artificial intelligence, remote sensing and software technology.

Reduce operational complexity

Less workload, less stress and better performance.

Continuous improvement

Business intelligence and operational analytics backed on airports’ own historical data.

  • Offering airports and airlines a full suite of tools to tackle their most pressing operational efficiency and safety challenges is a key goal with NVIDIA Metropolis. Partnering with ArgosAI is helping us offer a more complete and diversified set of capabilities.

    Jumbi Edulbehram, Global Business Development, NVIDIA

We automate airside operations

Meet our platform of smart products to learn how we do this

AI MODULES brandmark
AI MODULES logotype Preventive Airside Supervision System

An all-in-one airside safety tool with unique AI modules that we develop and customize to match your exact requirements.

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A-FOD brandmark
A-FOD logotype Foreign Object Detection

A-FOD® is an artificial intelligence based Foreign Object Debris detection system. It works continuously in real time and detects even the smallest undesired objects on the surfaces.

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A-CAM brandmark
A-CAM logotype Continuous Airside Monitoring

A-CAM® is a flexibly configurable state-of-the-art remote sensing and inspection system. It brings onsite visual inspections and controls into mobile devices or control rooms. It also allows both millimeter and wide level continuous control over airside surfaces.

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Automate airside operations with ArgosAI.

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