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A-FOD is an AI-driven smart software module to detect Foreign Object Debris (FOD). The module works in real time and detects the smallest objects in any weather condition on the airport runways, aprons and taxiways.

Capturing high resolution imagery from cameras at the airside it covers all areas necessary to the airports. FODs are identified with high accuracy using artificial intelligence and are instantly reported to the airport staff.

Offering high accuracy FOD detection performance with minimal false positives, A-FOD is sensor independent and is powered by state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms, which makes it superior to manual operations. Efficiently reporting from all areas under its purview, it enhances the safety of the airside operations with minimal oversight.

A-FOD module works without any interruption to existing operations in an airport. For example, since it completely relies on high resolution cameras without the need of using radar, there aren’t any emitted radar waves interfering with the airside operations.

What makes “FOD Detection” superior?

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24/7 activity monitoring
High performance
Instant critical information
Light operational workload
Less inspection time

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