ArgosAI develops innovative technologies to automate ground operations at airports. ArgosAI’s portfolio of computer vision and artificial intelligence-based technologies enables airports to accelerate their digital transformation as they manage one of the world’s most complex and safety-critical operations.

How it works

Artificial intelligence

Our patented AI algorithms can analyze tens of billions of pixels at a moment and with the industry highest accuracy rates. They detect, recognize and identify even the smallest objects and fastests events within seconds.


We have developed a unique and very complex continuous remote monitoring hardware system that is capable of scanning hundreds of thousands of square meters of area at millimeter level within minutes. It is completely configurable depending on the exact needs of the airports.


Our software controls each hardware, UIs and AI modules, DBMS, user authorization and authentication asynchronously. It monitors each component in real time and reports if any defect occurs including AI and hardware modules. Any existing surveillance system can be integrated easily.

User interface

We have developed easy to use and still easy to customize web based interactive user interface modules.

How it is superior to customers

Continuous Airside Monitoring
Remote Inspection
FOD Detection
FOD Classification
State-of-the-art AI
Accumulation Zones
Broken Light Detection
Wildlife Classification


Which added value does ArgosAI propose to its customers?

The regulations of the authorities require that daily FOD inspections shall be carried out by airport operators for the movement area. This responsibility results in a substantial need for an organization and its resources. Combining ArgosAI’s unique algorithm with Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning technologies, ArgosAI solutions provide airport operators to fulfill safety requirements with a continuous and superior detection performance.

What distinguishes ArgosAI from conventional FOD detection systems?

Instead of a radar detection system with an electro-optical solution, A-PASS provides airport operators with a wide range of pricing and performance options as FOD detection equipment. Constantly learning with AI and Computer Vision technology, A-PASS is a versatile solution to meet airports’ unique needs and requirements.

Does the FOD detection technology of ArgosAI only cover airport runways?

No. ArgosAI develops AI-based solutions to increase safety and efficiency on runways, taxiways, and aprons. ArgosAI has initiated the high-performance efficacy of AI-based algorithms in airside operations. Recently A-PASS is a brilliant solution after long-running studies through engineering design, development, and stringent testing in a real airport environment.

Does ArgosAI offer solutions in different sectors or fields?

ArgosAI has been a company focused on efficiency in airside operations. The company has not engaged in developing solutions in any other industry or field.

Can ArgosAI still operate during nights, and if so how?

A-PASS uses custom designed infrared lights during nights to operate around the clock without any performance drawbacks.

Does the FOD detection technology offered by ArgosAI work like a radar or is it real-time?

It is near real-time. Newly formed FODs will be reported in one minute in average and in around two
minutes maximum. This is a tremendous safety upgrade with respect to conventional methods, for which the newly formed FODs would stay on the runway for hours.

What is the min. visibility requirement? How does it work under low visibility?

A-PASS solution is an electro-optical system that relies heavily on visibility and will perform flawlessly when visibility is over 1000m. When visibility is under 1000m, the system will still be online but accuracy will start to fall.

Can all solutions of ArgosAI be integrated with other Airport operation systems at airports? (A-SMGCS A-CDM, SMS etc.)

All products in the ArgosAI product family are developed by ArgosAI engineers and all intellectual property belongs to ArgosAI.

Are ArgosAI solutions compatible with aviation standards and criteria?

ArgosAI FOD detection solutions are compatible with FAA AC 150/5220-24, EUROCAE ED-235, and related ICAO requirements published in this field.

What are the infrastructure needs of ArgosAI systems?

ArgosAI solutions have two core components that are related with the infrastructure topic. These components constitute the energy and fiber optic infrastructure needs. Fiber optic infrastructure is the most reliable infrastructure model for 24/7 continuous operation. If required, ArgosAI solutions can work with wireless technology.